The art form in which traditional painting techniques such as inpasto, watercolour, oils etc are applied using digital tools by means of a computer, a graphic tablet and stylus. The artist uses the very Painting techniques to create the digital Painting directly onto the computer with the help of certain applications (digital painting softwares). There are varieties of the painting software such as Krita, Adobe Photoshop,  Corel Paint, ArtRage, GIMP, etc. Digital Painting styles the brush effect to mimic or represent the traditional style such like the charcoal, soft, hard, watercolour effect, pointilism. One thriving act of the digital Painting is that, the artist can produce or create their own brush style with the combination of shape and texture.

Digital Painting program grants the artist the power to work in designed layers which could help the artist undo a mistake or a stroke. It presents a panel with varieties of colours, the artist could explore to get/accomplish a well-composed painting. This Art form has given Artists the opportunity to work faster and produce more intriguing artworks. Sadly, digital painting seems to lack originality in the eyes of the public and the market. People argue that a physical piece is more worth than a print or a digital file. Having this kind of mentality will only trigger the attitude of looking down on this creative Art form. If you ask me, I would say an artist painting with a computer software is as original as an artist using physical media. And having the opportunity to redo and undo a stroke with ease doesn’t make you a less artist but an ARTIST.

So many artists use this means to accomplish their tasks. One of which is Simage Studios, known for His use of digital software to capture the portraits of individuals.  Simage Studios is currently open for Commissions as we approach Christmas, one of the popular festive eve, you might want to gift your loved ones presents to remember you by. Follow Simage Studios on Instagram,  check out their works and show Love by supporting Him. Thank You.