The chair person for the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Mrs Jean Mensah, on 6th of December met with the media ahead of December 7th elections to give an account on what they have done so far. She added that EC is accountable to the citizens of Ghana.

These are some of the highlights of work done so far.

1. Procurement of logistics.

2. Printed and distributed 2 and half weeks before elections.

3. There are Covid-19 measures put in place in the special voting and to continue in the general elections.

4. Projectors and Screens have been put in all 16 regional collating centres.

5. Recruitment and training of staffs. 3 weeks rigorous training for 240,000 officials.

6. Prepared a new biometric register for 2020 elections with 17million 27,971 voters.

7. Made voter register available on electronic formats.

8. By using the short code *711*2020# for verification.

9. Call centre to rely complaints. Toll free number 0800100100. From 6am-6pm on election day.

10. Those with misplaced Voters ID cards can still vote since thier details are on the biometric register at the polling station.

11.  In the past election results were collated from 275 constituencies but with the 2020 elections the election results will be collated at 16 regional centres.

12. We plan to declare the winner of the elections 24 hours after the elections.

13. There was 87.8% turnout in special voting.