Archaeologists have uncovered tens of thousands of Ice Age paintings of wild animals and humans on a series of rock faces in the Amazon at Cerro Azul in Guaviare state, Columbia. After the 2016 peace treaty between the Government and the rebel fighters, the Colombia’s Serrania La Lindosa territory was opened up to exploration.  The researchers carried out the excavations in 2017 and 2018, but kept them under wraps until now. These discoveries will be revealed in the documentary Jungle Mystery: Lost Kingdoms of the Amazon. The first episode airs on England’s channel 4 on 5th December.

The artists who created these images were very exacting in their materials as well as the siting of the paintings and the preparation of the surfaces. The surface is a fine-grained rork platform which was sheltered from the rain. The people of this era were very conscious of their imagery,  support, techniques and their approach to the painting itself because of how realistic they are. The Paintings give a vivid and exciting glimpse into the lives of how the communities were and some of the paintings are located so high up the cliff walls that drones were used to take the photographs.

Sources:, news.artnet.comA hand compared to the Painting.