Have you ever wondered why immorality is on the rise in our modern society? OR Have you taken a moment to observe the lives of the youth in the society? It verily seem the morality slide is on a downward drive where it has no hope of halting or been saved. In the same phrase “orange is the new black” so has immorality the new normal. This situation didn’t occur in a vacuum but there are things that have contributed relatively to this societal demoralization. Today we will be looking at certain things that might have posed the now generation in such a state of social vices.

Its quite erroneous when we put the blame on parents, they sacrifice a lot in the upbringing of their children.

Photo by Michael G. Seamans
‘mother showing love’

It has been proved by socialists that the human society is made up of people and their behavior is basically determined by their parents. so where did they go wrong? Society filled with stories, incidents and traces of deviant and immoral activities involving the youth largely. A case recently reported a student stabbing his father dead, its quite frightening to watch a lovely boy grow up into been a murderer. Whose fault is it? It is that the greatest gift a parent can offer their children, apart from the unconditional love is a set of values that the parents must encourage and also live by example. These set of values give meaning to live, they define and set moral standards of behavior. Unfortunately, most of our modern parents practice or live by the opposite of such set of values, setting a very bad example for the younger generation, as parents are the first and foremost role models for children in society.
Society is moving towards sexual laxity and unbridled freedom. This is no doubt as a result of many parents abdicating their roles and giving room to television, bad company and other agents to influence their children. As Ms. Temitope Ajayi said: “You can only show your kids the right way by living the right way”. This settles a lot. Perhaps some parents isn’t responsible enough to consider the effect of these respect of values. Not to sound rude but a lot of parents had no idea of parenting and kids, they were just cruising in the love boat and “BOOOOM”, a new life of fending for a different sprout of life. Only a few parents believe that they have a vital role to play in seeing their children through.
Out of increase in rape figures, high mortality rate, increase in divorce rate and other obstacles, single parenting has become a major problem and now it seems like the new normal in societies. This actually increases the burden in raising up them children, often pushing the guardian involved to give up entirely. Some may add that the lack of cane in the lives of children is a factor in this moral derail, which might be true. The taking away of punishment (canning-beating) of children has rendered a lot of them being disobedient to the teachings and admonitions of parents. Society has made rightful punishment (sensible and rightful) of children look so evil that we think its better when its left out.

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The up listed guard lines do not guarantee a 100% responsible youth but these are the fundamental blocks in guarding a child to a moral and responsible life. There are other agents that contribute to the irresponsible behaviors of the youth which we would be discussing later. Do you have any other thoughts, ideas or experience, we can talk about them in the comments section. Feel free to leave a comment, that would be much appreciated. Stay glued to this site for more upcoming articles. THANK YOU.