As some may say, they ain’t of any value but just for body beautification. Well there is more to “Waist Beads” than meet the eyes. Waist Beads are one of the vital traditional African accessories, it consists of small glass beads on string or wire and they come in different colours.

In Ghana, Waist Beads are treasured and revered as it plays a vital role in rites and customs and it’s a significant symbol of Beauty in Ghanaian culture, worn by several ethnic groups such as the Anlos and the Ashantis. Traditionally, in the Ashante and Krobo culture, mothers present waist beads to their daughters to mark their coming of age.

Waist Beads are symbol of sensuality, which grants honor to the partner of the female, being the only one that sees them fully.

They serve as weight check, it helps the female entity to be aware of their weight, as it climbs up the body when she gains weight, and falls on the hips when weight is lost. Such a beautiful sight.

Some group also testifies that waist beads improves their sexuality. Believe it or not it arouses/turns them on. I recommend waist beads to any couple that lacks fun in bed, who knows, it might be the missing key. Throughout the years, the act of wearing waist beads is no more practiced by only Africans but it has been adapted by the western world, they also wear them for beautification.