This has been one of the most interesting art forms that has existed over the years. It involves the act of leaving creative impressions on a live support (the human skin). A body Painting that’s limited to the face is known as “Face Painting”. Unlike tattoos and other forms which are permanent, body Painting lasts for several hours or up to few weeks. The practice of body Painting traces back to the ancient prehistoric times, records trace it to ancient/modern tribes from Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. They practice body painting for daily and spiritual purposes, during rituals (funerals, marriage, ushering rituals etc.) Body Painting has been kept sacred and vital in most of the tribes. Getting pigments from stones, rocks, soil and natural materials (plants and fruits). They smear, blow and draw on the body with the pigments using chewed stick, hand and other indigenous tools.

Traditional body painting has slowly traveled with the rise of modern human civilisation.  It seems to be widespread throughout all groups of people, experiencing the birth of new media, tools and purposes from different part of the world.  Body Painting is now practiced by all kinds of people, using all kinds of inks, paints, brushes etc. Done for several purposes,  some just for the fun of it, some just for pictures,  some for ceremonies  and so forth.