1. 1/2 Beef Steak
2. 2 Tomatoes
3. 2 large red onions
4.Black pepper
5. Salt
6. All purpose Flour
7. Coriander powder
8. Ring onions
9. Cooking oil(Rina Cooking oil)
10. Bell peppers
11. Fresh coriander leaves
12. Brookside cooking cream

1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, add the chopped beef steak and keep a side for 3 minutes
(This is to allow the beef to coat with the dry ingredients and to avoid it from getting soaked )
2. In a sauce pan, add little amount of cooking oil and allow it to heat keeping the flame high, add the coated beef ensuring that all the pieces touch the surface of the pan.
NOTE:All purpose flour helps in browning of the beef.
3. Once you’ve obtained the Golden color,transfer your fried beef and add fresh ingredients on the same pan to fry.
4. Add the fried beef with reasonable amount of water on medium heat, simmer it for about 10~15 minutes to ensure the beef is tender .
5. Add the BROOKSIDE COOKING CREAM to thicken the sauce.
6. Serve when hot with dushes of freshly chopped coriander leaves as presented below. Chef Raphael Brookside Dairy #AllYouNeed