Yummies, I want to teach you a quick way of preparing jollof rice for busy people like some of us.


*Hot Water
*Oil( i prefer Soyabean)
*Tinned tomatoes
*Powdered Pepper
*Green Pepper
*Spring onions
*Curry powder
*Any other Spice.


Make hot water ready.
Put oil in a saucepan.
Let it be hot then add your chopped onions.
Add Curry powder for a nice aroma.
Then add your rice.
Stir till every grain of rice has oil.
Add tinned tomatoes and continue to stir till you get a uniform mixture.
Add the powdered Pepper, Salt, and any other spice you prefer.
Stir for the uniform mixture.
Add the Hot Water. ( it will boil right away)
Chopped Green Pepper, carrots, and spring onions can be added when the Jollof is almost ready.
After a few minutes, your Jollof is ready.

It tastes great too.

NB. Please reduce the fire and cover the Jollof with a clean napkin instead of rubber.