In case you missed out on my 31st night of Prophecies.
I was led by the Spirit of God to make these declarations/Prophetic utterances.

Joel 2:28

Prophecy is an inspiration from the most High upon His vessel.
If the content is negative,it can be negotiated and averted.
If the content is positive it can be delayed but with further negotiation and the Prophet, it will be emptied in to the world.

1. The world will enjoy peace but let’s pray for America and avert Tourists attack.
2. I saw darkness around the Ashanti Kingdom…In God’s time, I will reach out to them if permitted.
3. Let’s Pray for Tepa traditional area and it’s King
4. Let’s pray for the Philippines 🇵🇭, I saw them experience the worst Tsunami ever. – I saw the sea raging and destroy parts of America,Mexico,Paris.
5. Let’s Pray for North Africa especially Morocco – I saw a group of gathering like that of a stadium and there was a disaster. – I saw the world experience serious distractions by earthquakes.
6. The lord lifted my spirit and I saw an attack on our security. Ghana should tighten their security.
7. A famous man of God will pass on to the shock of the nation. – An old father of the Christian council will pass on.
8. There will be floods and I repeat there will be floods that will take human lives and properties. Let upper East and West,Ashanti, and Greater Accra region prepare against it.

9. The Lord lifted my spirit into Nigeria, and i saw the current Vice President His Excellency Yemi Osibajo become President.
10. GJA should sit up in prayer and with the Lord, I saw a fatal attack recorded.
11. I saw popular music artists say bye bye to Ghana -A well loved legend. -A circular artist -Gospel Artist. – A young upcoming but well known say bye bye to Ghana. -let’s pray for A female who brought laughter to many by story telling* -Let’s Pray for Despite Group of companies and multi media
12. I saw a creeping creature coming out from the sea of Ghana and Nigeria with its off springs crying and gnashing their teeth and on their heads, I saw “ Hard times”. – There wil be shortage of basic commodities in GHANA n Nigeria,water,food,electricity etc. Everybody must sit up in the year 2021
13. The Lord took me to the spirit and I saw more companies fold up and the youth spring up with entrepreneurship and business ideas.
14. I saw a minister of trade who I saw the Ghana flag around his neck. He must pray against assassins and Heart attack.
-He is a good man and I will reach out to him as the Lord leads
15. University Crisis and education.
16. I still See the Presidency as I saw inspired to say by the Spirit
17. Let’s pray for men and women of God all over the world.
18. I see a mass discovery of oil in Ghana again, and this time a bigger one.
19. The Lord lifted my spirit, and I saw Prominent people in the court of law. I saw Prominent people go to jail.
20. The lord lifted my spirit into time, and I saw a Vice President ,wear the shoes of his authority but short lived
21.Sirrea Lone,a former vice president will become president AGAIN
22. Lets pray for Ivory Coast
23. I saw something happen that will bring the world to a round table again.
24. I saw fatal accidents on our major rods (Tema,Cape Cost, Kumasi and Kintampo road before 8Jan*)
25. In the year 2021, the lord said , if your are believing Him for the fruit of the womb. 2021, He is placing seeds of fertility into such women.
26.I STILL see JM at the presidency

Source: Prophet Nigel Gaisie