●India shall progress than another country in 2021.
● The economy of America will slow down.
●The economy of China will tumble.
●The truth of Ghana election, and the rightful owner will take the seat.
●This year NPP will give out thier own man Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.
●Deportation from Nations worldwide.
●Iran will worry America.
●Another Viris is coming and the source is from China and it will pass through Europe.
●The economies of the world will slow down
●Prophets shall be attacked.
●Because of darkness over Ghana, deaths will be cheap, sickness will be cheap, poverty will be cheap.
● Avery big funeral in Ghana.
●Soon some countries in UK will break out and if possible they will break from UK.
● God says 2021 will be a year of increased enemies.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi added that he will continue with the prophecies in Sunday.

Source: Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi.