So my niece walked up to me and said, she wanted to visit a guy who is not her boyfriend (she has a boyfriend) but she has a thing for another guy who isn’t her boyfriend.

I looked at her and smiled because in my head I did an assessment and realized she was 25 and no longer a kid. She had the right to be with whoever she pleases and what made her happy is what mattered.

I picked up my phone, found my favorite picture,

Old & Grey,

and sent it to her with a note ” this is all I wish for you’.

My wish for her was simple, finding love is easy but finding that friend you can sit with and watch the sunset without altering a word, now that’s the magic.

After all, what do we call love? Is it that butterflies in the Tommy excitement we get on seeing that special person? Do not forget the music will end, the kids would leave. You would be old and grey. Too tired to have long conversations, too weak to dance all night, eyes too blur to watch movies on a marathon.

At this point, old and grey sets in. The person you can sit within silence and still feel so fulfilled about having the greatest time. The one person whom you are willing to listen to their correction, the one person who might be miles away but a short hello is warm enough to say I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU AND CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU now that’s what I wish for her.