How intriguing it is to watch a Ghanaian kid rushing off to school. They are always full of life, so much energy, and a desire to be 1st (position) in class after exams.

To be 1st in class, oh yes the position almost all Ghanaian parents have obtained before. It makes me wonder who their classmates were. Anyway, let us ignore that for now.

I do not know about you but when I was in school, I used to hear my parents say they were always 1st in class after exams. I remember vividly, the day I managed to attain the 1st position in my class, my mom boiled an egg and handed it over, like saying this is your price. I was excited. It was like I had been told, I am only accomplished when I am better than everyone in my class.

20 years down the line, when there are so many unattained dreams, my parents tell me to relax because life is not a race. When I see my mates land the huge contracts and get all the flashy life awards, I hear them say my time would come.

It seems they have forgotten what they taught me as a child, that I had to be 1st to make them proud. I had to be 1st in other to be considered worthy.

So why the attempt to teach me the new trick of believing in my own potentials now? I have already become used to forgetting my own desires and only know how to compete with people for everything. Why teach me an old dog who only knows how to be first the new trick of just being me and not competing.