It is 7 pm, I am about to watch the evening news, then like clockwork, the laughter starts. It always starts with giggles and grows as the night grows. It used to annoy me but now it has taught me a lot.

I used to get me so angry because I felt these people disturbing don’t see what life should be about. After all, they stayed in a makeshift room made from plywood. They have 2 kids who seem to have been born a year apart. The husband sells mirrors and the woman sells vegetables on a small table in front of their “house”.

How can you be so happy every evening when the man returns from selling mirrors? He never returns empty-handed, there are always unsold mirrors. Don’t they want better for themselves?

One day I actually looked outside to observe. Then I learned my lesson. The husband came home looking very tired but together with his mirror he brought plantain chips to excite the kids so they met him halfway with shouts of joy. They had little so they ate together. Then he told them stories of things he had seen and the people he met. And these were the stories that made them laugh all night. As I listened, some of the stories really were rib-cracking. I couldn’t help but laugh too.

At this point I learned, they had taught themselves contentment and made a miracle of happiness by enjoying each other. From that day I called them Mr. & Mrs. Miracle, for overlooking their downs and creating their miracle of happiness.