Humanity is in a condition where humans and intelligent technologies are becoming intertwined. More specifically, the post human has become a projected state of humanity in which unlocking of the information patterns as the personals that believe in post human say make us what we are – will shift the state of being a human from our outward appearance to those information patterns. Humans and machines can be effectively merged, since differences in appearance will be meaningless and the post human is the post human’s focus on information and systems theories: the qualities that make up that subject depend on a privileged position as a special, stand-alone entity that possesses unique characteristics that make it exceptional in the universe – characteristics such as unique and superior intellect to all other creatures, or a natural right to freedoms that do not accrue similarly to other animals. If the focus is on information as the essence of all intelligent systems, and materials and bodies are merely substrates that carry the all-important information of life, then there is no meaningful difference between humans and intelligent machines—or any other kind of intelligent system, such as animals.

Reference and Inspiration: “The difference between Host Humanism and Trans Humanism”, by Kelvin LaGrandeur