There are many widespread beliefs and myths regarding anger. Let’s deconstruct these myths and know what the facts are.

Myth 1 − Venting my anger out relaxes me. Holding it in isn’t healthy.

Fact − There is a saying that holding on to anger is like holding on to red-hot coals in your palms. Anger should be drained out, but not by being aggressive. That will only lead to further confrontations.

Myth 2 − My aggressive behavior gets me attention, respect, and obedience.

Fact − Power to influence comes from understanding someone and not by intimidating him. You may bully people into submission, but they won’t respect you and will eventually desert you if you can’t tolerate opposing viewpoints.

Myth 3 − I cannot control my anger.

Fact − Just like any other emotion, anger also is a result of the situation you are in. Analyzing the situation from multiple possible viewpoints avoids misjudgment and prevents anger.

Myth 4 − Anger management is about learning to suppress your anger.

Fact − Anger should neither be suppressed nor vented out, rather it should be expressed in a non-violent manner and in constructive ways. This is what Anger Management teaches people to do.